We always ask "why"

The name Wikreate is derived from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the world's largest Internetencyclopedia. It is packed with knowledge and information. Wikreate is a creative twist on this.

A website is, of course, fun to have but without a clear purpose almost meaningless. We believe in facts and science. We therefore ensure that our efforts have a reason, and not just a reason, but a reason with sound arguments that contribute to the realization of your goals. We therefore go beyond the average internet agency. We look at strategy and goals before we start creating!

Creativity is more than a beautiful design

Creativity is the ability to create something new. We therefore do something different than anything else. Creativity lies with us in the DNA and ensures that we look at your organization and related goals with other eyes. We make beautiful designs, but do not forget to look good at your customers.

Network of specialists

Wikreate has a very large network of people. Each of them specialists in their discipline. Whether it's business, marketing, search engine optimization or programming, everyone has passion for his or her profession and wants to excel. The combination of the related personalities not only produces particularly interesting discussions, but again and again, very beautiful and unique results for our customers.

"I always wonder how long it will take for a giraffe to throw up"

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