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So you might have good looking website but are you getting any customers from them? Just having a website is probably not the reason you had it build in the first place.

To eventually get a customers you need to consider the entire customer journey. From picking them up on the place they hang out online to getting them to your website and eventualy persuade them to make use of your service or purchase your product(s).

1. Getting more traffic

1.1 Searchengines

You want a high Google ranking? So does everybody else! Every website owner wants their website to be found by potential customers and therefore, to a certain extent, should take into account the largest search engine in the world, Google. The good news is that Google is fairly transparent in its algorithm. That is, Google specifies exactly what you should do as website owner. The bad news is that if you do eveyting exactly as Google advises it does not guarantee you to be in the first place in their search results, after all, everyone has that information and does his utmost to meet the their terms. We therefore prefer to speak in terms of as high as possible in the search results. Everything is highly dependent on keywords and therefore competition and budgets.

1.2 Social media

Social media can no longer be ignored. It offers companies great opportunities to contribute to organizational goals. There can be many reasons for setting up a social media campaign. For example, you can increase your brand awareness, improve reputation, maintain customers, find new employees, and get leads. In order to obtain high quality leads, you should initially select the right channels. As discussed at Wikreate Strategy, it is essential that you know who your customers are and where they are. If you have selected the correct channel, it is important that you start communicating. You want to seduce your potential customers to visit your website. You should therefore think carefully about your message. Your message should address the reader to a need or an inadvertent need and to act, this should be done with a proper call2action.

Wikreate conversion can help you set up a clear social media campaign to tempt more visitors to your website.

2. Converting visitors to customers

2.1 Design

Consciously thinking about the design of your website may give you more than you would initially think. Pictures, for example. They manipulate the brain of your visitors. What do you think the difference is in emotion when seeing smiling people in a photo or people whith a serious face. Also, what about the use of colors! They can play an important role in conversion. Have you ever thought about the emotions that people get when seeing colors? There are many variables that you should keep in mind when designing your website.

Wikreate can help you tailor your design to your target audience and your goals to ensure maximum conversion.

2.2 Call2Action

In order to make your visitors customers, tempting is a must. The so-called call-to-action (CTA) is the one that should make this happen. Call2action has everything to do with tempting your visitors to take action. You want to encourage your site visitors to take a particular action.

It is often forgotten that website visitors experience resistance to take action. Clicking a link is not a natural activity, because you have to overcome a threshold, no matter how small. If you do not know what's on the next page or what's the benefit of a click on a link is, many visitors will omit it. That effects your conversion rate.

The call2action usually appears in the form of a link or a button. The reason that some websites show beautiful conversion rates is because they have understood and conducted the art of temptation. The consistent and correct application of a striking and effective call2action will certainly increase your conversion rate.

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