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Joomla history

Joomla! emerged as a discontinued continuation of Mambo, following a quarrel between the Australian Miro Corporation, the proprietor of the trademark 'Mambo', and the majority of the development team. The two groups split up on August 17, 2005. Miro Corporation founded a foundation with the aim of supporting the project financially and protecting it from lawsuits. The development team claimed that the provisions of the foundation were in conflict with previous agreements concluded by the Mambo Steering Committee, that there was no consultation with the influential parties and that some provisions violated the basic principles of open source software. These allegations have never been proven.

Joomla structure

The Joomla! Framework, the core of the system, manages all the basic elements of a website, such as logged-in users, visitor rights and users, and retrieval of data from different sources. Then there are three elements (extensions) within Joomla! which are activated by the framework:

  • Components: Programs written in PHP that perform actual actions, such as processing plain text text messages into HTML formatted text. However, the main advantage of components is the ability they offer to functionally expand the website in question. This can include a guestbook, download environment, photo gallery, etc.
  • Modules: Blocks on the website that can be displayed next to the main content. Examples include menus, calendars, random images, and recent additions.
  • Plug-ins: Transform text into the content of a page into a formatted text, without taking into account the templates / templates. For example, a default plug-in causes an email address to be converted to a spam-readable code in a page's content. For Joomla! 1.5 were called the Mambots plug-ins.


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Joomla hosting

A reliable and stable hosting partner forms the base of any well-functioning website. Wikreate is a specialist in Joomla website hosting and makes sure that you won't have any concerns with it.  From backups to email servers and an excellent uptime.

Joomla maintenance

Wikreate is a specialist in creating Joomla websites and can help you maintain your existing website. Whether you want new features or updates to your existing components and plugins, wikreate can help you.

Joomla migration 3.0

Joomla 3.0 was released by the end of September 2012. In this version, the user interface is largely renewed and improved. By using Bootstrap, the entire CMS is also accessible on mobile devices.

Currently there are still many websites running on older Joomla cms versions. This poses a high risk because it can be considered unsafe. In addition, functionalities in the most modern browsers no longer work. Wikreate will be happy to help you migrate your oldest Joomla website to the latest version.

Wikreate Joomla Websites

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  • Install Joomla websites
  • Install Joomla components
  • Install Joomla modules and plugins
  • Edit your Joomla theme
  • Joomla website maintenance
  • Joomla website conversion
  • Joomla website upgrades

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