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Basically everybody has a website today. But have you ever thought about the purpose of your website and if so, do you achieve your goal? The time it was enough to just have a website is over.

Your customers are no longer satisfied with the fact that you have a website. They expect to find and or are able to do ecactly what they need in the festest time possible. This can be editing their personal data, retrieving information and or chatting with an employee. If your website does not meet expectations, customers can quickly choose to go elsewhere.You should always think carefully about the purpose of your website and the expectations your customers have.

There are 2 main goals for a website, either increasing sales or lowering cost. Other than these two goals, there are five roles that a website can fulfill for you. This help you to formulate your goals even more concretely.

  1. Direct Sales: direct sales, often through a webshop.
  2. Lead generation: focus on receiving customer data
  3. Branding: Brand preference increase and increase customer loyalty
  4. Direct revenues: Genereate direct revenues from advertisments and/or subscriptions
  5. Service & information: Reduce costs through the use of online services

Wikreate media will work with you in setting up your goals to increase revenue, decrease costs and also exceed expectations of your existing customers.

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Wikreate Professional designs

In a split second your website visitors decide whether to click a link or leave your site. Research shows that almost 50% of visitors to a website see the design as one of the most important components. The look and feel of your website should make sure your visitors feel comfortable and intuitively click through your website.

For the design of a website, it is important to consider your target audience. Who are they and what they like. You can imagine that when your website targets 16-year-olds, it should look different than when your website targets middle-aged architects. Your target group is always the starting point for your design.

Parts that determine your website design:

  • Typography
  • Use of white space and layout
  • Use of colors
  • Type and quality of images

Wikreate responsive designs

Smartphone and tablet are very important devices these days. The CBS (Dutch statistics agency) notes that there has been a decline in the use of desktops and laptops for years and an explosive increase in the use of internet on mobile phones and tablets. These are very important facts for you to keep in mind when having or creating a website. Your website must be suitable for all screen sizes, from larger desktops to mobile phones. We call this responsive or fluid design. The website actually fits into the screen size of the device your visitor uses to view your website.

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